Doggy Day Care

Give your dog the freedom of the great outdoors at Vale Doggy Day Care 

Do you work long hours and often feel guilty about leaving your dog at home alone?

Does your dog love the company of other dogs?

Then our Doggie Daycare could be perfect for you!

Open 7.00am - 6.00pm, Monday - Friday.


We Have severn acres which also has a floodlight 50mx30m dog training arena. and a 3 acre free run area.

where they can run and play all day long 


Infa red heated doggy day care room. 


The dogs will be supervised at all times by an experienced member of staff, and all dogs will have to undergo a temperament assessment to ensure that they are 100% friendly.


Prices start at £17 per day with discounts available for full week bookings or additional dogs.


We do ask that all dogs that come to daycare are covered by the same vaccinations as the kennel boarders. That is, they must have their yearly boosters up to date and they must also have kennel cough (this separate vaccine is administered via a 'squirt' up the dog's nostrils - please ask your vet).

Male dogs must be neutered, and female dogs we would prefer to be spayed (they will not be able to attend daycare during their seasons).


Viewing Hours

weekdays 10am-5pm

Dog drop off & pick up times

7 am -10am & 4pm-6pm

Professional, insured carers make sure your dog has a vacation as great as yours!