What our customers said about us 

November 2019


Thank you Adam for a great first session! We thoroughly enjoyed it.

                                                                                                                                                           Libby H


November 2019  (grooming)

Thank you for sending Daisy Dog home looking good, hardly recognise her ,we will not leave her so long next time.

                                                                                                                                Barbra R


October 2019


Lovely location, very friendly and professional centre Would definitely recommend

                                                                                                                                Carol S


October 2019

Just completed our puppy’s first course of training. Great venue as gets puppy used to being in the big outdoors but under control! Excellent instructors with great sense of humour (thanks Sue and Adam) which helps to make the whole experience a lot of fun. We now have a puppy who has got his basic training nailed and we are looking forward to our Improvers course.

                                                                                                                                         Ann B

September 2019

Whisky and Brandy have passed the set of puppy training classes here under Sue and Adam. Very useful to set them up for the future good behaviour. Adam has also given excellent private classes.


                                                                                                                                                    Jayne Smith


September 2019

Great dog training school. We have done this course with both our dogs and went on to do the extended course too. Sue gave us skills to help us turn our naughty puppy into a well socialised and well behaved young dog. there is a big and secure field for the dogs to be safe off lead while learning recall. Each week we were sent home with the lesson plan on paper as a reminder, and at the start of the course we were provided with a booklet of all that we would be learning and things to do to help socilalise our puppy. Lots of information available and Sue is always happy to answer any and all questions thrown at her. Would definitely recommend. 

                                                                                                                                                   Em Williams


August 2019

Again excellent standards and very friendly service, Sue is a very good instructor and dog trainer in fact the best I have come across by far ! facilities are excellent and very large, the grooming centre is purpose built with no expense spared, again high standards and friendly personal service. See you soon and well done, you work very hard and deserve the success that you have achieved!! 

                                                                                                                                                 Paul Rowlands 



January 13, 2017

Hi Sue,


Thanks for this mornings session! Really enjoyed it and already so many great things for me to take away and do with him.


Just thought I'd let you know, his walk when we got back he was brilliant on the lead!  obviously not perfect by any means, but I wasn't going to 'train' him on that walk, but he seemed to put himself in position straight away and by my left side , lead loose, and was so responsive to the little flicks of lead. Then took him off lead on this country path and he kept right behind me to the left! I'm sure it was all fluke, but made me do what you'd said entire walk and will continue now on all walks.


He was even responsive as cars went passed!


Look forward to next week


Lisa Harris

Lisa Harris

so many great things for me to take away and do with him.

June 21, 2016

Absolutely the most amazing doggy trainer, Sue skills and knowledge of my troublesome puppies is excellent, I really thought I would never be able to walk my doggies out in public, but how wrong I am, the techniques are amazing, sue's passion For her work is outstanding it's a delight to work along side her teaching me and my doggies the importance of basic skills and building a bond of trust with them.My dogs where two very anxious and constant barking 12 months old Peki- porky's, the change is just amazing, many thanks to Sue.

Jacqui Fisher

Absolutely the most amazing doggy trainer

April 05, 2016

What stood out for me is I didn't need any wellington boots, the surface of the very large training area consists of some sort of pulverized rubber compound.
As someone who is familiar with the set up for the main Crufts arena at the NEC I can whole heartedly say that the facilities and friendliness of the staff are simply outstanding!










Paul Rowlands

friendliness of the staff are simply outstanding!

April 07, 2016

What a great place to enjoy dog training.  I was looking for something extra for my German Shepherd to do and I found it here.  Excellent for Agility and Dog Training outdoors and the owners, Sue & Simon, are so friendly and helpful.  Really glad we found it.

Alan & Zak

great place to enjoy dog training

January 07, 2016

Sue & Simon look after our springer spaniel on a weekly basis (much to his delight), he comes home tired everyday and has also vastly improved his bad habits e.g. walking on the lead, jumping up, since we began taking him. Their family dogs are also lovely company which is always a bonus!












Andy & joey

Excellent dogcare & training

February 01, 2016

the centre has wonderful facilities for a multitude of dog training requirements.Sue and Simon are terrific with all breeds and make training such fun for dogs and owners alike!They have done a great job with our German Pointer - we just wish we had found them sooner.Isabel and David

Isabel And David

Wish we had found them sooner

October 29, 2015

Came over to the training centre, had a great session .Sue really helped with my recall problem .

Anita pearce


November 04, 2015

I went over to see Sue with Jake my rescue rottie, for a young dog he's had a very hard life and had been passed from one bad owner to another, but through all the abuse he has managed to retain his lovely temperament, his only downfall was his liking for sheep. I arranged to meet up with Sue and had a great training session in her fields. I came away with lots of confidence that Jake and I can walk around the countryside without me panicking at every

Maisey Ferguson


November 06, 2015

Great training session had with sue dog was a nightmare at recall but sue gave me a great two hour training session and he's coming back to a whistle a treat now.



Jeremy Hastle


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